Criminal Expungement and Probation Reduction

A criminal arrest on your record, even if it is for a relatively minor offense, can follow you forever. A criminal record, police record, arrest record, or court record can affect your ability to obtain admission to school, be hired for certain types of jobs or even rent an apartment. However, in many cases there is something you can do to minimize the consequences of an arrest.

At the Pasadena law firm, Law Offices of Mark Murad, our attorneys believe that a youthful indiscretion or a patch of bad luck should not haunt you for the rest of your life. That is why we help people expunge or seal their records. This prevents others from obtaining information about them that is no longer relevant.

Having your record expunged or sealed can be time-consuming. The courts require many forms and documents, and the process can typically take a long time. Moreover, a positive decision is not automatic. The judge needs to be convinced of the validity of your request. Our attorneys are able to develop persuasive arguments and complete all required documents effectively and quickly. You may never need to appear in court at all.

Having your record expunged or sealed allows you to state that you have never been arrested. However, not everyone qualifies for expungement or sealing, so you must call the Pasadena Expungement Attorneys today.

You need a knowledgeable Los Angeles and Pasadena attorney who knows what the court wants to see can improve your chances of success.

To discuss sealing or expunging your criminal record, contact our Pasadena criminal lawyers. Take action to remove the stigma of an arrest.

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