The DUI Checkpoint

DUI Checkpoint

 An experienced criminal law attorney is important to have if you have been involved in a DUI at a sobriety checkpoint in the county. A Los Angeles DUI and criminal law lawyer can help reduce penalties and fines as well as make significant and beneficial differences in your DUI case.

Sobriety checkpoints are random and temporary installments and can be found all over California and Los Angeles County. On holidays such as New Years and Independence Day, checkpoints are much more likely to be set up. They are blocks in the road set up by law enforcement officers to catch people who are driving while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances. Law enforcement can stop anyone and will check to see if driver is incapable of operating their vehicles safely, especially if speech is slurred or if the driver’s breath smells like alcohol. If you are suspected of being under the influence, officers may ask to search your car; however, you can refuse this request but refusal may have consequences. You may also be ordered out of your vehicle to perform a field sobriety test or a breath alcohol test. You can refuse to do so, but the consequences may be enforced and they can be serious.

The California Highway Patrol’s sobriety checkpoints have no tolerance for drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Drivers nor passengers are allowed to posses open alcoholic beverage containers in a motor vehicle. Open containers are only acceptable if it is stored the trunk and out of passenger reach. Failing to keep open containers in the trunk can result in certain penalties.

In order to operate a car properly, the CHP declares that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) needs to be under 0.08%. If you are under 21, there is a zero tolerance policy and your BAC must be under 0.01%. If you are under age and you get arrested at a DUI checkpoint, you may get your license suspended or revoked.

It is advised that if you are over 21 to measure how many drinks you consume before you operate a motor vehicle. This can help you avoid being charged with a DUI at a sobriety checkpoint. Your blood alcohol concentration can also depend on your weight, other medication or drugs you have taken, if you are especially tired or fatigued, and how long you wait to drive after you drink an alcoholic beverage. It is important to take these factors into account if you plan on having a drink before you drive.

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