DUI Expungement

Most people believe that a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) will either be erased from their criminal record overtime or even that they are stuck with the blemished record forever. This is not true!  MOST DUI’S CAN BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM YOUR RECORD. However unless the conviction is cleared or “expunged”, or it will remain indefinitely. Expungement-Los Angeles can permanently clear a DUI from you record.

One of the best reasons to have a DUI cleaned from the record is to help secure employment.  “Major companies as well as smaller employers routinely deny people with criminal records an opportunity to establish their job qualifications”  A DUI conviction will likely exclude you from a many jobs and will likely exclude you from jobs requiring you to drive.

Once cleared, you can legally answer that you have never been convicted of a DUI.

DUI Expungement Requirements


California Law allows for an expungement of a DUI if the offender meets certain conditions:

  • Probation is granted and successfully completed (or completed through early probation termination)
  • You have not been convicted of another crime within one year the DUI
  • No outstanding warrants
  • All fees and fines paid
  • The DUI conviction is for an infraction of the law

If you meet these requirements, then your DUI can be cleared from your record.

Once you have successfully completed probation or if an early termination of probation was granted, and you have satisfied the other requirements above, the process for expunging the DUI can begin. The skilled attorneys at Expungment-Pasadena expungement can provide you with a personal, in-person assessment of your case free of charge.  Upon determination that your record can in fact be cleared,  we will prepare and file all necessary papers with the court.  We will also work closely with the District Attorney and the Court to ensure you record is properly and quickly cleared.

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