Felony DUI

Felony DUI

In the state of California, a person can be charged with felony DUI if he/she caused extensive bodily injury or bodily harm to another person while operating a motor vehicle impaired:

Any person who, while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, or under the combined influence of intoxicating liquor and any drug, drives a vehicle and when so driving does any act forbidden by law or neglects any duty imposed by law in the driving of such vehicle, which act or neglect proximately causes bodily injury to any person other than himself, is guilty of a felony,” California Vehicle Code Section 23153.

A person may also be charged with felony DUI if he/she has prior DUI convictions.  People who are convicted of a felony face severe legal penalties, as felonies are typically punishable with a year or more jail time.  Additionally, people who are convicted of a felony DUI may have to pay extensive monetary fines, have their driver’s license suspended, and attend court ordered drug and alcohol treatment programs. 

When a person has been charged with DUI, especially felony DUI, he/she needs to obtain the services of a reliable DUI defense attorney.  If convicted of felony DUI, the person will suffer adverse consequences for the rest of his/her life.  For this reason, it is important for the person to invest in his/her defense and hire a knowledgeable DUI lawyer. 

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Los Angeles County, you will need to hire an attorney who can protect your constitutional rights and defend you both in and out of court.  Our our experienced DUI attorneys have helped countless clients throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas fight their DUI charges.  We are skilled attorneys who strive to provide each of our clients with exceptional legal representation and advice. 

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