DUI Checkpoints are Effective in Whittier

WHITTIER – The Whittier Police Department arrested two people of alleged intoxication a a checkpoint overnight late last Friday and early Saturday, officials said.  According to the Whittier Police, a total of 913 vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

Five drivers were given field sobriety tests, resulting in the two DUI arrests, 19 tickets to motorists were issued and a total of six vehicles were impounded during the checkpoint.

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The Los Angeles County Will be Cracking Down this Labor Day Weekend

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Los Angeles county enforcement officials will begin county wide checkpoints on Friday.

About 100 police, California Highway Patrol and sheriff’s stations known collectively as the “Avoid the 100 Task Force” will be out in force through Labor Day in search of those who choose to drive while drunk or high, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said in a written statement.

Agencies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to the Pasadena Police Department will take part in the effort.

San Gabriel Valley-area checkpoints to be held during the crackdown include:  Pasadena, San Gabriel, Baldwin Park, South Pasadena, Norwalk, West Covina, Altadena and Santa Fe Springs.

DUI Auto Crash with Local Police

Whittier-A young woman was drinking and driving when she almost crashed her automobile into a police car, which resulted in a chase.  She fled the scene and was charged with a felony drunk driving and hit-and-run, and she was charged with a DUI.  The incident began shortly before 1 a.m. when a police officer had to swerve his patrol car to avoid being hit by an oncoming car with no headlights. The officer tried to pull over the car, which led the officer on a brief chase before the pursuit was cancelled, according to the police statement.   The young woman is being held on $100,000.00 bail.

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Pasadena Driver Involved in DUI Accident

ARCADIA-A driver from Pasadena was killed in a auto accident at approximately 1:20 a.m. on the 210 Freeway in Arcadia, Los Angeles County Department of Coroner Investigator Dana Bee said.

DUI suspected in fatal overnight crash in the Arcadia auto accident.

Another person, Albert Rudy Ochoa of West Covina, died about 3:30 a.m. in a crash on Don Julian Road near 5th Avenue in Bassett.

Prior to the Arcadia crash, officials said, Carrillo was driving a 1999 Ford Mustang in excess of 70 mph west on the 210 Freeway.  “According to witnesses, Carrillo suddenly made a turning movement to the left from the (right-hand) lane…”

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